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2007/03/31 Saturday

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

well I have just found one of the best blogs of this year…. it is from linux journal. It is call: Dear Microsoft, Sue This, Please

I thought it was a great blog for Linux Users. : )

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2007/03/30 Friday Post

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Well what do you know another post? Yes infact there is now another post. I have decided that since there is not much to talk about that I would say ‘happy second day of

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Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Welcome to the first post of I have another domain with a forum

I would like to thank Tom Dryer his website is a link to his name, and I would like to thank Mr. Joel my Networking Teacher who let me use this server for hosting my website.

I have used Ubuntu Linux to get this website up and running as of my other domain.
The first Linux I have used is Vector Linux 5.1, though it was fun at first i didn’t seem to like around june 06. On June 6 2006 I switched to Xubuntu, when it was first released, to have a change of experience. I used that til August 06 when my computer died. Luckily a few months later I had an external hard drive and I put Edgy Eft on it. Well the External Hard drive worked til about the middle of january, but then it died. :( then after i sent it back to the company a few weeks later I got a new one back. By then I had gotten this server that I am using to host this domain. I run Ubuntu LAMP Dapper Drake server on an Xubuntu Desktop. I use a laptop with the Fiesty Fawn beta in virtualization. In 21 days after this blogs release date I will have the released Final version on my Laptops Hard drive.

Thanks again,

Ryan Orser

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