2007/04/22 Sunday: DO NOT RESTART YOUR ROUTER!

I have been the Network Technician, Linux Enthusiast, Computer Upgrader, and the only one computer literate in my Family. Plus I am only 16!

So it begins:

On Saturday the internet is down or is really s l o w …… if you get what i mean. so I was going to browse My other website and when I typed in to the address bar, the router login came up…. I was so disbelieving that i went on to this website… there again was the router login! I went to my dad who works on the Home Office here and asked what he did to the router, this is what he said, “I restarted the router.” then it hit me, my Networking teacher had said that the grade 12s’ had restarted the router and had made the room into a no internet zone! Thats when I made the discovery that I had to make a new login and password plus redo all the other stuff for my server (which runs Ubuntu LAMP.) I then did that with a little help with Tom and we got the whole server and internet working again. Since yesterday and could have been Friday as well that you probably could not have come to see the blogs, as I haven’t been able to write a blog since Friday Morning.

So I end this by saying, “DO NOT RESTART YOUR ROUTER!”

Thats a rap!

UPDATE FOR 2007/04/17 Tuesday: Ubuntu RC Released! POST
it did update the packages and the RC was the final Release.

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