2007/07/13 How to get MP3 Support in Rhythm Box!

1) You need RhythmBox Music Player. (If you do not have it you will have to get it from your package manager (ie in ubuntu its synaptic in Kubuntu its Adept and in Fedora its Add/Remove Packages))

2) You need to go into your package manager and search for ‘GStreamer’.

3) Download all the GStreamer packages excluding the Development and debugging versions.

4) Install all the packages you downloaded.

5) load an MP3 into your library if you do not have one.

6) If you have an MP3 Play it!


Wasn’t that easy? There is a much harder method if you wanted to download and install them trough command line (CLI)

Though I prefer The package manager way since i do not know that much on the command line.

So if you are using RhythmBox you now have MP3 Support so you can play your MP3’s!

The Ubuntu Counter Project - user number # 26323

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