How to get your iPod working in Ubuntu

Here are these simple steps to getting your iPod working in Ubuntu using the application GTKPod. As usual I take no responsibility for whatever happens to your computer and/or iPod.

Step 1: Back up your iPod’s songs, podcasts, photos and contacts.
Step 2: Restore your iPod to factory settings.
Step 3: Plug in your iPod into your computer.
Step 4: Go and start up your GTKPod.
Step 5: Find your mount point of your iPod and tell the computer where to find it.
Step 6: Tell what kind of iPod you have, for me, it is under 5th generation white nano.
Step 7: Create directory structure.
Step 8: Load up your iPod with your songs, photos, contacts, and podcasts. (If you did not already know you cannot use the songs bought from iTunes unless they are DRM-Free)
Step 9: Click on the save button.
Step 10: you have your iPod full of what you like…. Enjoy!

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