How to install GTalk with WINE

This is a step by step walkthrough on how to install GTalk in Ubuntu Hardy Heron. As usual I take absolutely no responsibility for anything that may happen, which means use at your own risk.

What you need: googletalk-setup.exe, Wine

First install wine! if you use ubuntu then use this command: sudo apt-get install wine

Now you have to find, if you do not already have it googletalk-setup.exe.

When you have found and downloaded googletalk-setup.exe use Wine to open the setup.

Then click the button ‘I Agree’

Now that Gtalk is installed click off the ‘Set Google as the default search engine in Internet Explorer’ and click ‘Finish’

The Pros and the Cons:

Pro: Google Talk is installed
Con: Google Talk will not authenticate

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  1. kondasandeep7 Says:

    it gives couldnot authenticate the server

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