How to create a wesnoth game server

These instructions are brought to you by: Ryan Orsers’ Networking class. As usual I take no responsibility for anything that may or may not go wrong. This is entirely up to you.

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How to install Battle For Wesnoth Server

These are the neccessary procedures on how to install ‘Battle for Wesnoth’ game server for a Linux operating system.

Step 1: Have a Debian-based Linux Distribution installed on the computer you will use as the server,

set up the internet and confirm it is functioning properly.

Step 2: Go to System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager.

Search “Wesnoth”, right click on Wesnoth when the search is completed, then left click on Install. After that, click Apply, and then Apply again, then wait for a few minutes until the installation of Battle for Wesnoth is complete.

Step 3: Play Battle for Wesnoth a couple times to understand the basics of the game. After, if you confirmed you like the game, continue reading on how to set up a game server if you are interested. If not, stop reading and leave.

Step 4: To install wesnoth server go to System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager.

Then go to Search “wesnoth-server”, right click on the “wesnoth-server”, left click Install,

click Apply and click Apply again. Now you have the application necessary for setting up an operating Wesnoth server installed.

Step 5: To start your wesnoth server: press alt+f2 to bring up the Run Application widnow. In the window, type in ‘gnome-terminal’, then click Run. In the gnome terminal, type in the commnand: sudo /etc/init.d/wesnoth-server start (sudo will ask you to input in your password. If you do not, this will not run successfully.)

Step 6: Test if the server is running properly by connecting to the server from another computer.

(Start Wesnoth -> Click Multiplayer -> Click Connect to Host/Server -> Type in the

IP address of the Wesnoth server in the Connect to Host box -> Click Ok.)

If you cannot connect to the server, confirm you have typed in the correct IP Address. If you still cannot connect, start over from step 4.

Step 7: The server is up and running. You may now give the IP address out to other people who are interested in or are already playing Battle for Wesnoth so that they can join your server.

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