(4th and final update) SpinRite 6.0 on a school server

This week we finally pulled the plug on life support for the school server. After going for more then a week and completing only 5% my teacher and I decided to turn off spinrite and get the server put up on another computer.

We tried 2 more of the same kind of server and the others had problems also. One had a dead graphics card and the other a dead psu. With no other ones of the same kind we decided to go with a somewhat newer computer that my school received around 2003.

When I tried to boot up Ubuntu hardy heron it gave me the busy box terminal. So I tried Ubuntu intrepid ibex alpha 6 and always when I get to the last step it goes into the other installer. So it is still stuck with no os on it.

That’s all for now as it is almost 9:00 PM here.

Ryan Orser

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