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For (K)(X)Ubuntu 6.06 Desktop Users

Monday, January 26th, 2009

The first Ubuntu variants that I have used were Xubuntu and then Ubuntu. Though the saddest thing to figure out is that in just over 4 months that the first Ubuntu I had ever used is being discontinued… for Desktop Users… Yes only 126 Days left before its dimise into the world of nothingness. I was the first of my friends to go to the 6.06 release of any Ubuntu based Distro wheter it was (X)ubuntu or (K)ubuntu or just the regular ( )Ubuntu. I had an old computer that came from my Dads work. We got it for a price of $75. It had its problems which one was “Could not find RUN32.dll” which is probably why no one wanted it at my dads work. Also at that time my dads office was shutting down so there was tonnes of junk computers that I would have loved to put in the back of my dads old pick up truck (Dark Blue, 2003 Ford Ranger… He Loved it!… But we sold it to get my mom a new car just over a year and a half ago!) There were old printers, PCs, Ladders, CDroms with Microsoft Office (Version: ???) I never could find anything that would be useful except that I climbed a ladder and tore down the sign at the top of the stairs and hid it in my jacket so that when I got home I put it behind his laptop. So when he went to the warehouse that he also worked in he saw it.

But who cares now it has been almost 3 years. I saw my first Windows XP… I had only seen 3 other versions of Windows before: 1.Windows 3.1 2.Windows 95 and 3. Windows 98. So I had only used Apple Macs at school. ever since Kindergarten. (Yes I am still reflecting on my last 13.5 years of school.) Kindergarten had these crappy black and white screened Macs. I just recently found out that we were using something that was created before I was born: System 6 (Now know as Mac OS 6.)

Back to the regular story: I had all these troubles with Windows that I had tried Vector Linux 5.1. It looked the same as Windows 98 so I thought… yes what I am about to write looks very very DUMB… I would use Internet Explorer… I had no idea that no one in Linux used IE. But by the time I figured out that there was no IE I remembered that there was something called Firefox that I had only used less then a handful of times at school because the person who writes the blog showed it to me. I looked for it in the menus and yes there it was! I was loving this a lot. I finally got bored of trying to figure everything out so I asked Tom to help me figure out what I wanted so I could have some fun… yes I had games which I figured out how to download, that had taken me a couple of months to use, and I started to use the command line which was very interesting as I had never used it before. Yes I was using XFce on Vector Linux… Tom had gotten me a free Linux… I am very thankful that he did get me started or I would never probably have left Windows in the dust… well for a little while at a time.

So there are only 126 days of Ubuntu 6.06 Desktop left. I stopped using it when the beta of Edgy came out  as I had learned how to upgrade the system which only had taken me 2 days because I was wondering why this thing kept popping up everytime I logged in and left a box on my screen. Hey what was I supposed to think. June 6th 2006 (A.K.A 06/06/06) I started using (X)ubuntu. I was much happier. Grade 11 I went into Networking which I promptly started the Linux Insurgence at the lab. Yes I had split the class in two by doing that. Soon people were starting to follow me 2 others in fact at the start: Kris and David. My two best friends who were in the same class as me. That was only the second computer class I had taken in all of my highschool years… The first was in Grade 10 Second Semester. Hello Mr. Hasselhan! I had done what was expected in the class and started programming which is where my project ROTE started. I had taken out book after book from the library that was downtown in my fairly small town (which the Council calls a “City”. My Grandparents city is way smaller then mine and is always getting better because of all the beach front.) My Grandparents were scared of all the things I was wanting to install on their Windows XP computer… OpenOffice (My Grandparents have just recently asked me if Open Office is a ok application to use as my Grampas’ brother said he needed to install it to see what he had written.) my ROTE which I copied to their Desktop and found when I came back not installed, deleted and funny how it works forgotten about when the topic was brought back up.

This last week has been a giant week. Last week I started with only a week of school to go… I had been in school for the whole school year. I had 2 Finals spread over 3 days: I had retaken Math 11 which I got 60% in the first time I had ever taken it. I can proudly say that for the first day of the 2 part exam I had only 2 wrong which gave me 32/34 the highest mark I have ever gotten out of math on a Final since I had gone into the Grade 6 Final Exam… Sick… and only went to school for that test and not the rest of the day… I was sick in bed and I phoned my Mom at work and said I am going to school to take that test… That final boosted my mark 5% not that I was doing that bad in the first place. I got the full test right. yes 100%. The teachers wanted to get the kids who were failing some marks so at the end of the test there were 3 questions with only 1 mutiple choice answer. I can remember one of those questions:

What is your favorite course in Middle School?


So if you were to pick any answer other then A you were just going to fail to get marks that were just gimmes and the teachers wanted you to get those answers right. Not only that they gave you 2 Bonus Marks for putting your first, and last name down.  Unfortunately you can only get the maximum 100%.

That is all I have to say. I may get back to writing this week a lot more or I may take the rest of the week off to get ready for post secondary which starts next Monday February 2nd 2009.

Until next time,
Ryan Orser.

3 Finals in 3 Days

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Well I guess I could have said 2 Finals in 3 days but that wouldn’t really cover what is actually going on. Today I have the first half of my Math 11 Final. Tomorrow the Second Half. So since I am on a roll of Finals I chose to write my CCNA 4 Final on Saturday.

I have less then 5 hours worth of school left. 2 1/2 hours each of the last two days. The Math 11 stuff was pretty easy so as a review tactic I went from the front to back and the back to front when checking on the questions answers. I decided to count the right answers and I had only 4 wrong. Not bad for someone who before almost failed Math 11 as I had work on the course online. Well if it is said 3rd time is the charm well I believe that we have another phrase that we can say: “2nd times the charm”. I haven’t taken this course in over 2 years. So I was barely able to remember stuff that I had worked on. So I felt like I was a grade 11 starting a new course. The last time I checked I had a 76% average in Math. When I did the Final practice test I had 95% which is a rounded up of 71/75. Each day of the final has 35 questions. I have 75 minutes each class to complete those 35 questions. So if I work out the equation 75/35 it comes out as: 2 minutes and 8 1/2 seconds a question. I can do each of those questions in 1 1/2 minutes a question thanks to my trusty calculator which has done nothing but helped me through the way.

The CCNA 4 Final on the other hand has a problem on the other hand: I do not have any knowledge of how many questions are on that final. I know I can figure it out as that final comes online on Saturday the 24th of January at 12:00 PM.

So I have to say there will be no more posts for atleast a week as I have to get ready for BCIT which is coming to my highschool  which i swhy I came back to high school for the last time. For the time left I plan to just burn up the track that is called high school. So there is less the 4 Hours 15 minutes left of high school for me.

So until I start BCIT, see you and good luck.

Ryan Orser.

Review of XScorch.

Monday, January 19th, 2009

XScorch is a game which you are supposed to destroy the other tanks using weapons which of course you have to pay for.  I set the game up so that the computers and myself get the most money possible and the highest interest rate. All that stuff is in the settings on the main menu of the game. It is not a bad game, but it sure makes you think of all the war going on around the world when you play it. Lets just be clear I hate war so much. It is wrong and civililians have been killed even though they are not even involved with the war at hand.

All in all I just would not play any of these war games because of the worlds current circumstances. So the game maybe fun and all, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth after I play it.

Ryan Orser.

Evolution: Back Up And Running!

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Well the Ubuntu Developers have been back at it. I mean with Evolution that is. As you may know Evolution is an email client that comes with Ubuntus’ GNOME Desktop as worked great until a couple of months ago.  I had been trying to write a review of Evolution but there was one little flaw… well maybe a little flaw that found its way into a lot of Ubuntu 8.10 users computers. This one well was a configuration issue as is in the Ubuntu 8.10 proposed update that is being tested at the moment. I have been writing in and around lauchpad to get this thing resolved. There was not much information there, but there was a whole lot of people waiting on this problem to be fixed. The tiny flaw was showing in big nose in the preferences menu when anyone who needed to change a setting pressed OK at the end which of course crashed the program with a sigsev.  That caused at least a month and a halfs head ache for someone who really just wanted to use an email client that worked with no ifs, ands, buts or of course segsiv.

What can you do about it?

  1. You can go into full force looking for information on the subject which I did.
  2. You can report bugs… Which I did also.
  3. You can confirm bugs… Hey I confirmed a lot of bugs but really there is nothing that comes out of stuff I have confirmed.
  4. You can download the source code and search for the bug to fix it… which I will never be able to do like any developer that works on a distribution or programming project / business as I am more of a networking kind of guy or a computer technician which loves to fiddle around with computers.

Yes that is what you can do. Drive full force to help which is what people need and not let anyone slow you down until you are happy with what you have accomplished… with that said let the stuff you do be legal. 😛

So I today I went to System->Administration->Software Sources. Typed in my admisitration password, went to updates, check the box confirming I wanted intrepid-proposed updates which are still being beta tested and hey what could go wrong? Well today must have been my lucky day as nothing went wrong because everything went right.

On another note with High School finals coming up in about a week I may not post as much as there may be a conflict between studying for hours on end for math and CCNA 4 and the alternative hanging out playing video games, posting on my blog, fiddling with my 2 computers and also my server (which I am surprised doesn’t go down a lot more then it does.)

Thanks for reading,
Ryan Orser.

Windows 7 Anti-Competitive in Nature?

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

I installed Windows 7 Beta 1 on a computer that was around the house.  The fastest install (with ONLY 3 reboots) I have ever seen when installing Windows, Ever! That only takes me about 30 minutes into this wild goose chase. During the install of Windows 7 I had my wifi usb adapter plugged in. (The USB WiFi adapter is a pre-release wireless N) After the install was finished I was going to go on the internet….. Funny thing was that well no wifi connection as it did not see any access points. I thought that was freakn’ hilarious as I had read that most of the drivers would be able to be installed on the computer right when you plugged it in. So after finding out that my driver was not listed I went and put in the driver cd. I should have known… it had the Windows XP driver, but not the Vista driver! So I had to go the to website of the company… which was not very helpful as they make you go through a lot of pages just to find which model number you have and then it leaves you at the product page wanting you to buy it. I checked back on the cd to figure out where to get the website for the Vista driver….. I love this part the website was covered up in the pdf file by a picture!!!! Yes a Picture so much that all I saw was: “… get the Windows Vista Driver” then on the next line “…the website is….” I can tell you where the website is! It is under the freakn’ picture!!! Thanks for the help Belkin! I went back to search the web for the driver finally I got to the Canadian website of belkin under much time wasted. I followed where it needed to go and I got faced with a different problem…. “What is your models Version # I understand that a router should have different version #’s but really how crappy do you have to get to get 2 different version #’s that would make you get up from the couch to go all the way across the room to get the version # which is tucked away somewhere that people would normally never figure out where to find it! The question is how many people would look on the back and see about 5 point font telling them the version #! I could barely see it and I am near-sighted! If you are going to put the model and version # on it make sure it is in a bigger font size so that you do not need a magnifying glass to see that typing. So after I found all that I downloaded the newest driver version I put it on an SD Card. I then ejected the SD Card carried it over and put it on the computer attached to the TV. Copied that file off. Installed it and then got wireless working! 😛 By then I was pretty unhappy with Belkins’ website. I got downloading updates: 2 which were both optional 😛 one was the video card update and the other… well I cannot even remember what it was for.

Now it is time for the Windows 7 Anti-Competitive in Nature part. I opened IE8Beta2 and it prompted me to choose either express settings or customizable settings….. which do you think I picked. I did not want to search with Live Search. I do not want to Define with Encarta. I never want to blog with Live Spaces. Most of all I just want to use Google Mail instead of Windows Live Mail. Not that I have anything against Live mail as I do have an account and it does look really nice as the designers have finally figured out what we the customer wants. :)

I had decided to go to customize the preferences… Guess what! The Windows Live stuff is still recommened in every box that pops up afterward! it doesn’t want you to use google search. It doesn’t want you to use maps with google or yahoo. This started to just get plain Silly as all I could do was to keep myself from deleting the IE8 executable from the computer and not leave any marks on that nice computer.

After all that I have a nice working computer which is way faster then XP.

Ryan Orser.

Windows 7 Beta 1

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Well I do know that Windows 7 Beta 1 is out. I have been downloading it for a while. Though there are only going to be 2.5 million copies distributed legally so if you aren’t one of the 2.5 million you know where to go.

Ryan Orser.

A Trio of Linux Commands:

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

I have been using the CLi a bit more these days. So I decided to clean up my home folder which is where I save a lot of work and other things like Linux Distros. So I used a trio of commands to sort it out.

  1. rm: The rm command removes files from almost any folder. The trick is that if you want to delete the folder you have to use -rf after the command rm to get rid of the folder. That only works when the folder or files in question are under your own permissions… ie if they are roots or another users files or folders you have to use sudo in front and then they are gone. There must be other variables with this command, but that is all that I have used this command for.
  2. cp: The cp command that most of Linux and Unix users know helps copy files and folders to another folder. To use this command you need to type in the file that you are going to copy and next to that file or folder you need to put in another folder which comes after to be where the file is copied. It is very easy once you get to know what you are doing.
  3. mv: The mv command is the move command. If you do not want to copy or delete the file then you just need to move it to somewhere you want to have it. All you have to do with this is type mv fileorfolderthatyouwanttomove folderwhereyouwanttomovethatfileorfolder . Thats it!

Thanks for reading,
Ryan Orser.

How To Find your Kernel Version In Ubuntu 8.10

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

I have tried to figure out which version of the Linux Kernel I have on my laptop for a couple of weeks. Today I finally figured it out. There are only a few steps to this How-To.

  1. Open Terminal: Applications->Accessories->Terminal, or, ALT F2->gnome-terminal
  2. Type in this simple command: uname -a
  3. And there is your kernel version.

This is a pretty useful command.

Have a great day,
Ryan Orser.

Review of Circus Linux

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Well, I am back from holidays and I wanted to get a game review in. The game I have decided to review is called Circus Linux.

I have only tried the 1 player challenge. I found it really hard which makes it was not very fun to play. I will try to get someone else to play this one with me for the 2 player challenge of the 2 player co-operation mode… my friends that are gamers should be willing but I am not so sure about this game will be any fun for them.

These days I have only wanted to play games on my computer so on my holiday break from school I have not installed any distros on a virtual machine, but don’t fret there will be distro reviews coming soon.

First off let me tell you where I got the game: Synaptic Package Manager.
Second the game has a pretty small download: which is great!
Third it is in the games menu…. No surprises there. 😛

In this game you play as clowns… which is pretty goofy. Not only that you have two clowns which one starts out on the little lever that throws the clown on it to the balloons that are flying across the top of the screen. The other clown bounces off of either one of the cubes on either side of the screen.

So as you have to make the lever move you need to move the mouse. I found that with my fingers on the trackpad that I have gone off the screen a lot and have made the clown fall flat on the top of its head. I hope they will make the game go up to the panel so that it is not that hard to go off the screen and make sure that the lever goes to where your mouse left the screen.You get 4 lives.

The more balloons you hit the better score you will get.

After a few tries this gets boring as it may have been a bit to challenging to play.

Overall I just could not find a way to like this game.  It is nice that there are games for Ubuntu, but you have to try and make this fun to play.

If you like this game please comment as I could try and find a way to like it.

Ryan Orser

IIHF Junior Championships

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Canada has just won 5 straight IIHF Junior Championships. Good Job Canada.