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A total of 731 Days:

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

My first ever blog post was 731 days ago. Not only that I had put together a server that would most likely last for a long long time… which it almost did. 3 servers later and the one that I have now is a great one to boot has lasted over a year. That is longer then any other server that I have ever owned.

I have written a heck of a lot of posts. When I post this it will be number 507. That means that just over 69% of the days that this server has been up I have had a post that came out on one of those days.

I truly wanted to start a blog to work on my English… my first language is English but I never have been a decent writer (a lot of people still think I am not.)

Unlike last year there will be no radical changes between themes or anything else as I have a great theme right now, plus everything is working out okay anyways.

For those of you who don’t know that 2008 was a leap year so there was 366 days and this year had 365 as it was a normal year. So the 2 year mark has come and I believe there will be many more great posts to come (except when I have a lot of Post Secondary School homework.)

Cheers to the start of year 3 and possibly another post coming next week no later then Sunday.

Ryan Orser!

Ubuntu 9.04:

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

With less then a month away and most likely the beta coming today… at press time there has been no release… There is only 28 days until the big release.

Most of the iso images have been checked for the builds that are on them. The only ones I have seen that have problems are:


alternate CD: installing languages other then English do not get their language pack installed. Fix Commited!

Desktop Live CD: Wubi does not unistall the install directory. Confirmed!


Desktop Live CD: see Kubuntu live CD bug Confirmed! usb-creator: “Will not install from USB”¬† Invalid!

Other then that I believe that we can start upgrade testing now that it will come out sooner then later.

I am led to believe that the next announcement for Ubuntu 9.04 will be in 3 weeks for the Release Candidate (RC).

Thats all for now thanks for reading,

Ryan Orser.

Vote for your favorite Apps!

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Rules for this Poll:

  1. You CAN choose UP TO 5 options per vote.
  2. There is to be 1 vote per Global IP.
  3. Min. # of votes: 4 to have the application reviewed.
  4. Max. # inifinite
  5. The top 3 applications will be reviewed on these terms:
  • That the application has an equal or greater number of votes then the min. # needed to be considered.
  • That it is 1 of the top 3
  • And if there is a tie I may consider at my own discretion the application I will review.

6. If there is votes from the same Global IP those votes will be nullified.

Vote for your favorite Applications listed in this poll:

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Hello 40K

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Tonight between the time of 8:00 -8:59:59 PM The 40,000th visitor visited.

Thanks for reading and continuing to visit!

Ryan Orser!

Review of Linux Mint 6

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Hello Everyone! Today I am reviewing Linux Mint 6 Code named Felica. The country that this distribution came from is Ireland. I have been keeping an eye on this distro as I believe that this one can start innovating rather then just use what Ubuntu has for its OS. So far the developers have now been working on a KDE version (RC1) XFCE version (Final) FluxBox CE version (RC1) and of course the Main Edition which is the GNOME version (Final) all of which look great! All versions of Linux Mint other then the GNOME version are Community Editions.

When I turned on the Virtual Machine I have been using on this Laptop to write this review I encountered a strange problem.

/sbin/hwclock returned 256

I am not sure why it returned 256 but when it is the first thing you change when you try something out it worries me quite a bit. I would really like to know why that happened as there have been no updates applied so that must be part of why it has happened. I also think that it may be a bug that was never fixed for release. But enough of that.

I love that green theme. Green may be the color of the future… or for now it is the color that is making marketing so much better… There are a lot of ads that are saying being green is good… I say just use the words energy efficent. The green is just a really nice color. I really do not mind blue or orange/brown but it is nice to see since right now outside my window all I see is white: White clouds, White trim, and White snow. The grass is still there… I think but most of it is covered in Snow, which by the way never snows in my hometown in March. The grass I do see is a very nice shade of green, darker then the Mint theme but not bad for this time of year.

Most days I have 6 computers at home: server, media center, Dads work computer, Sisters laptop, Moms crazy ancient computer and of course when I am home so is my laptop.

2 Computers in my house have Linux on them, The others have Windows. The server has Ubuntu 8.04 and my laptop has Ubuntu 8.10 but is also a testing ground for different distros.

While Mint 6 may be a competitor to the other Linux Distros there is not much difference between Ubuntu and Mint. Sure Ubuntu has the Orange/Brown theme for default and Mint has the Black/Green theme but there is nothing more important then how it works on the hardware you have.

They have some known issues on their site:

  1. Open Office 2.x vs 3.x. I see no problem with going to 3.x but Linux Mint 6 Developers decided to stay with the Open Office 2 branch which is fine but a little innovation could be great in the Linux World these days.
  2. gnome-themes-extra conflicts with mint-artwork-gnome. OK I see a problem and I am betting that it is a pretty sad conflict even though using GNOME has its ups and downs I really don’t know why they need both to be installed or maybe they should modify the package so that both packages are in the one and there would be no conflicts there?

There are a few more conflicts but none of which I feel are too important not to say anything about that may bring down the review even more then it already is.

Overall the performance of the Linux Mint on the specs that I always use for reviews are quite quick and is pretty fun to see something that is a different color then Ubuntu.

Since there are quite a few issues that I have seen I would have to give it a 4/5 because overall there may be a quite a few issues but that is worth fixing so that there can be a better product.

Ryan Orser.

GOS 3.1 Review!

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Hello Everyone!

This time around I chose to install the OS in the VM as I thought I have all weekend to work on it. So as you already know Linux Mint will not be reviewed this weekend and has been postponed to the next weekend where I can have all the time in the world and that is because of Post-Secondary Spring Break!

Today  I am going to review GOS 3.1 codenamed Gadgets. As with all the reviews I have written so far since June 1st 2008 I have put these standard specs for testing out distros in virtual machines:

  1. 512mb of RAM
  2. 8 GB hard drive
  3. 8 MB of video memory

This is a great Operating System because it has stuff I will use a lot: GMail, Pidgin, Calendar, Youtube (for my sister as she loves it,) FireFox, Open Office and a lot more great programs!

The Green Theme looks nice for an Ubuntu based OS and it has gadgets (which may or may not be a big help to you if they take up your screen and do not let you see what you are working on or trying to work on.) I had the screen resolution set on 800×600 and have not bothered to upgrade or try to find drivers from intel for the vm.

Unfortunately yesterday I slept until noon and went to bed on Friday at 6:00 PM so I had 18 hours of sleep. So there was no post yesterday.

GOS comes with most of the applications that Ubuntu comes with. I use Firefox (a long with most of my intermediate family (all except my dad who uses IE.) There is a long story about how my sister started to use FireFox but I will not get into it.) It comes with Pidgin which is my favorite Instant Messaging client as I can use google talk and msn both of which I cannot use as there are no binaries for Linux. I hope GTalk will come to Linux, but I am quite sure that MSN will not come to Linux as Microsoft will most likely never port it. I really do like the MSN clients that have popped up over the years and I would love to see if Microsoft will port… which I believe they will not.

The Gadgets for me do not really help me in any way as they take up all the screen. I chose to turn off Google Gadgets.

Overall it is very fast compared to other Distributions that I have tried and I believe that I will most likely make the switch if Ubuntu doesn’t give upgrades any more (I may switch to half Ubuntu have half GOS though with the Ubuntu that is coming out in April there is almost no chance that it will happen.)

So the rating is going to be high for this great OS: 4/5. It has a great GUI, great speed, and great applications that it has picked has worked out to be an advantage for this OS.

To download go to