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Forza Motorsports 3

Friday, February 25th, 2011

I have been playing Forza Motorsports 3 since I bought it last August.  It is a great game and well worth the $44 I bought it used. The cars are really nice … mostly. The cars I drive in most are the Ferrari. I have the highest level which is level 50. I have 45 out of 50 achievements. The achievements I have left are: Year 5, Year 6, Own at least 1+ cars from every manufacturer,  have a lap with 100,000+ drift points, and achieve gold in every race in event list in Seasons Play. All those 5 achievements are worth 235 Gamerscore. The other 45 achievements are worth in total: 765 Gamerscore.

There are some great tracks. Racing in the city streets, rural areas and race tracks. There is a lot of advertisements in the game. a little to much for my liking but I guess that is how Turn10 makes more money.

The different views you can have of the track include: inside the car, behind the car with mirror, behind the car without mirror, and there is one more but I cannot think of the last one.

I really like the game and I hope to beat it soon.

Ryan Orser.