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Cisco and how it helps you learn better

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

I am just going to talk about how Cisco helped myself learn better.

I go to highschool where a teacher teaches Cisco. I thought, I would love to learn about networking, so I decided to try it out. Best of all it was one of the best courses I have ever taken, as I helped myself to university student knowledge and am going to get a couple of letters, and a few certificates from Cisco.

Now you ask, “How does Cisco help you learn better?” Well here is the truth: I started taking online courses last year to learn more about the online world (and school,) so as I was working I found out that I did have the power to be a self-motivated, hardworking individual, as not many people can do that. It started out as I wasn’t really fond of doing online work, but now I have become an online person, with my own laptop, server, blog, and two domains. I have been learning various types of Linux and Windows applications using Wine and using Ubuntu and many other distributions.

In my school career I have been made top student of the year in 2 courses and have had the honor roll for 2/3 years, though I might have had honor roll if I had not done so poorly in grade 10s’ first term.

So overall I have learned to work hard with any motivation that I have received from myself and have been driven to preform my best in all areas (especially computer courses.)

Ryan Orser