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Another Job!

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

I start working as an Help Desk Technician on August 20th for the Surrey School District. That would make it 14 Months and 5 Days after getting out of BCIT.

Ryan Orser.

Windows 8 Installing Legacy Apps

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

I have heard a rumour that you cannot install legacy applications without going through the app store in Windows 8. So I decided to try and install Microsoft Office 2007 on my test machine. I knew that I would have to install .NET Framework 3.5 as it is a prerequisite. I decided to see if I would have any problems if I just chose to install it without installing .NET Framework 3.5. I was surprised when Windows 8 asked me if I wanted to have the Windows Installer download and install the prerequisites (that were from Microsoft) from their website. I chose yes and I got .NET Framework 3.0 along with 3.5.

The installation completed with no problems and everything works just fine. The rumor that you cannot install legacy applications is false.

Ryan Orser.

Xbox Live Games App (Windows 8)

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

I have been looking through the Xbox Live Games App that comes with Windows 8 for a few days to see what I thought about it. The layout looks nice. The option to look through games that you can buy on the xbox is an okay feature. I clicked on a game in Game Activity that I bought (Halo Reach) and a box popped up giving a brief description, beacon status, and 4 things I could do: First off is buy the game (Funny I thought I bought it from Xbox Live already),  Second see game details, third Play on Xbox, and Fourth play a trailer. While all of those things are nice to see, I find the first thing on the list is buy it when Xbox should know I have already bought it from them since I was signed in to my account is a little alarming.

I found the app to be a little slow as well. It shows your last 3 friends that are online which for me is 2 people who were online less than 12 hours ago and one who hasn’t been online for a very long time as it says offline. What really slows it down is when you go to look at the achievements. I guess it takes a long time to download them all since I have over 500, (first being from Halo ODST and 500th being from Halo 3.)

The Windows game market place in the app is coming soon so I really cannot comment on that piece of the app.

Over all I really do like this app. Since this is only the App Preview I expect it to get better. I believe that the Xbox team and the Windows Team are doing a really good job of integration between them as from rumours I hear is that the Xbox may become an entertainment device that can play games along with the usual movies and music.

I will continue to use this and see if the updates make it more useful.

I am continuing to get the Xbox Companion app to work. Until I do get it to work I will probably be trying to find something else to post about.

Ryan Orser.

First Impressions of Windows 8 Release Preview

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

I have played around with Windows 8 Release Preview for a few days now. I thought I would share some thoughts on how it works plus some pros and cons.


  • Runs smoothly on vmware workstation with 1GB of ram.
  • Installation was easy to use. Easier to install than Windows 7.
  • Hasn’t crashed on me once! (Should tell you the reason of no “First Impressions of Windows 8 Consumer Preview” or “First Impressions of Windows 8 Developer Preview.)
  • Desktop has a smoother feel.
  • Most of the installed apps do not crash even though they are preview apps.
  • Location is pretty good.
  • Metro (detailed later)
  • App store does not have a search feature
  • Doesn’t install correctly in latest Virtual Box from May 22nd 2012.
  • Start button is completely gone so it is difficult for a normal user to get to Metro.
  • Customization feature after install not very friendly to non IT.
So I have a few more thoughts. I said above the interface looks smoother and it is. Installation is more basic which is great but the customize feature may make some people want to chuck their newly installed Windows 8 PC out the third story window because of very numerous options over 2 -4 pages.
Yesterday I showed my sister (who just wants her computer to work so she can talk to friends) metro. She asked me what that was and why she would want it. I told her that it was called Metro and then she asked me about where the start button was. She left with an impression of why would anyone want that.
No crashing is much better than all the other previews because every other preview was so unstable I could barely use it for 5 minutes at a time or in the case of the developer preview use it at all.
Most of the installed apps are nice looking and are easy to use. The app store needs some work, though as the store does not have a search button. I had a hard time looking for apps that I would want to use. I actually had taken me 5 times to install the weather app which I understand could be a network error or just that the app store cannot find out where it is on their download servers.
Overall I will buy Windows 8 Pro edition, but I would have to give it 2.5 out of 5. I feel the change is so drastic that it will give Vista a run for its money.
Ryan Orser.

Windows 7 Unboxing

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Just for the fun of it I decided to get the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade for my sister who likes windows 7. I then decided to create a video of the unboxing.