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2007/06/28 Wii has a Hard drive?

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Here is what Nintendo has said about the Wii having a hard drive:

With a good portion of Virtual Console users starting to fill up their Wii’s built-in 512MB of Flash memory and even starting to store SD cards full of downloaded VC games, we expected Nintendo to announce a hard drive solution soon. Now, with the official announcement of WiiWare’s original game content coming next year, one would think a hard drive is now imperative. After all, original new games will likely be much larger than NES games in terms of size.

CVG asked a Nintendo UK correspondent about a hard drive, hoping to at least get a smile or something. Unfortunately, the response was a definitive “No.”

We only hope that employee just didn’t get the memo.


Thats it for now. I will be in Penticton until Tuesday though I will still be making blog posts.

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2007/06/24 the post from my Wii

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

I used my Wii to write this blog. i just got the wii yesterday and decided not to get a new server…. though i am still looking for one!

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