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2007/09/25 2nd Post Daniel Lyons of Forbes Admits Being Snowed by SCO

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

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Daniel Lyons of Forbes Admits Being Snowed by SCO

Posted by Zonk on Thursday September 20, @06:01PM
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certain death writes “Daniel Lyons of Forbes Magazine has admitted to being snowed by SCO, regarding their lawsuit over Linux and SCO code. He specifically mentions Groklaw’s role in the case, and regrets his early articles giving the company the benefit of the doubt. ‘I still thought it would be foolish to predict how this lawsuit (or any lawsuit) would play out. I even wrote an article called “Revenge of the Nerds,” which poked fun at the pack of amateur sleuths who were following the case on a Web site called Groklaw and who claimed to know for sure that SCO was going to lose. Turns out those amateur sleuths were right. Now some of them are writing to me asking how I’d like my crow cooked, and where I’d like it delivered. Others in that highly partisan crowd have suggested that I wanted SCO to win, and even that I was paid off by SCO or Microsoft. Of course that’s not true. I’ve told these folks it’s not true. Hasn’t stopped them. The truth, as is often the case, is far less exciting than the conspiracy theorists would like to believe. It is simply this: I got it wrong. The nerds got it right.'”

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