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2007/10/02 EBay Admits to Bad Call on Skype

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Wow what is this all about?(from

EBay Admits to Bad Call on Skype

Posted by Zonk on Tuesday October 02, @11:24AM
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MaineCoasts writes “The Times online reports that two years after buying Skype 2.6 billion, Ebay yesterday warned shareholders that they may have made a mistake. In essence, they vastly overpaid for the company. ZDNet offers analysis of the announcement: ‘Clearly, the current business model is not enough to satisfy eBay in light of how much the company spent on Skype. And the reason is simple. Even though Skype has done a very good job of getting users to download its software client, most people who use the service do so to make free Skype-to-Skype phone calls. The only way that Skype makes money from its subscribers is when people use its Skype-In or Skype-Out services. Skype-In allows users to pay to rent a phone number, which people on regular phones can call. Skype-Out allows users to call traditional phones or cell phones for a fee.'”


Maybe that was not a good investment


2007/08/27 Skype Linux Reads Password and Firefox Profile

Monday, August 27th, 2007

Here is a story from slashdot:

Skype Linux Reads Password and Firefox Profile

Posted by samzenpus on Sunday August 26, @11:40AM
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mrcgran writes “Users of Skype for Linux have just found out that it reads the files /etc/passwd, firefox profile, plugins, addons, etc, and many other unnecessary files in /etc. This fact was originally discovered by using AppArmor, but others have confirmed this fact using strace on versions and What is going on? This probably shows how important it is to use AppArmor in any closed-source application in Linux to restrict any undue access to your files.”


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