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CentOS 5.0 Review:

Friday, November 9th, 2007

CentOS 5.0 Review

First off, this review isn’t the easiest to do since I have tried so many other distributions before this one: Vector, Xubuntu 6.06 – 6.06.1, Ubuntu 6.06 – 7.10, Fedora 7, OpenSuSE 10.1 – 10.3, and now CentOS. Which if you count all of them up they add up to eleven!

Though I have used so many distributions I have been able to see the good and the bad in all of them. (good, bad)

CentOS was an easy install (1,0). However, I needed to add some kernel options (like noapic, pci=routeirq) to get the system to boot on my laptop (1,1). There were a few nice things that I noticed in this Linux distribution, including: ease of use (2,1), good graphics (3,1), and very good themes (4,1).

One weak point in CentOS is installing Nvidia drivers. I did the manual install from Nvidia and it took a while to find out how to stop (4,2). Booting CentOS is a very slow process without the extra kernel options for my particular computer (4,3).

So far the score is 4 good and 3 bad.

Next on my list of things to talk about is the interface. The interface of CentOS is not unlike any other GNOME desktop. It is always customizable (5,3), easy to look at(6,3), and easy to use(7,3). I mean easy to look at since it doesn’t look boring at all (8,3). Customizable is always a good thing (9,3) and since it’s easy to use, it will be able to bring you the preferred feeling that you have customized it (10,3). The only thing is that the interface if you have used it for a long time without configuring it so that you like can become a little bit boring, (10,4) though if you look at it for a little while you can see that its really almost like the Ubuntu panels (11,4).

Now the score is 11 for good 4 for not so good. I will now rate the ease of use, customizability, and ease to look at: overall a 5/5 on ease of use, 5/5 on customizability, and **3/5** for how the desktop is on the eyes.

Over all the final score on the CentOS is a 24/30. This is exactly 80%.

** Please leave a comment if you wish to comment on the ease of use to look at it. I only gave it a 3/5 because I have used this structure before and I am going to have to change it. **

2007/07/12 Its BERYL Time!

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

I just started using beryl 2.1.1 which is great. When I last had it on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04 latest one at the time of writing) I could not see the themes!!!! Now using Fedora 7 I have been able to get the themes and all the desktop effects! its so Awsome!

Here is what you need to get Beryl:
(1) a computer with a supported graphics card (My recommendation for a Graphics Cards are Nvidia… though AMDs’ ATI has said that they would put out better Drivers for their Linux 3D Acceleration, Intel Graphics also could work)
(2) Linux Operating system ( I do not know if Beryl will work in BSD)
(3) KDE or Gnome ( I am not sure that Beryl will work in any other Window Managers (Correct me if i am wrong via comments)
(4) a Command Line Client (Terminal) For advanced Users (as i do not recommend New users trying this out as it could break your machine) or a Package manager (Synaptic in Gnome or Adept (please correct me if i am wrong via comments) in KDE)
(5) The will power to Follow instructions (Something i sometimes lack)

Here is how to get BERYL then go to the wiki page to look up your distro if its supported, plus there maybe a place that says which graphic cards are supported.

Password is  LRBEY i know that you will get it! :)


Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Welcome to the first post of I have another domain with a forum

I would like to thank Tom Dryer his website is a link to his name, and I would like to thank Mr. Joel my Networking Teacher who let me use this server for hosting my website.

I have used Ubuntu Linux to get this website up and running as of my other domain.
The first Linux I have used is Vector Linux 5.1, though it was fun at first i didn’t seem to like around june 06. On June 6 2006 I switched to Xubuntu, when it was first released, to have a change of experience. I used that til August 06 when my computer died. Luckily a few months later I had an external hard drive and I put Edgy Eft on it. Well the External Hard drive worked til about the middle of january, but then it died. :( then after i sent it back to the company a few weeks later I got a new one back. By then I had gotten this server that I am using to host this domain. I run Ubuntu LAMP Dapper Drake server on an Xubuntu Desktop. I use a laptop with the Fiesty Fawn beta in virtualization. In 21 days after this blogs release date I will have the released Final version on my Laptops Hard drive.

Thanks again,

Ryan Orser

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