Month: April 2007

  • 2007/04/30 11 Days since Ubuntu 7.04 Came out!

    Wow has it been only 11 Days? It felt it as though it came out a month ago. Wow Its been quite a treat to use Feisty so far. Cheers to 11 days since Feisty Came out!

  • 2007/04/29: 1 month has passed since first Blog!

    What have we done to get this? A whole 31 days of Blogs? Now after this is posted 32 blog posts? Yahoo we did it. thank you to all who read this blog except the nasty amir siddiqui. I have had postive and some negative feed back. (Negative feed back coming from so called “Mr…

  • 2007/04/28 Windoze People Hack Ubuntu Server Remotely:

    These people are enthusiastic windows people looking for a way into Linux Servers. They said that they could do that from a windows or Linux computer. I said its called SSH and they said that they could find the username and password of that server. I think they put the username and password out on…

  • 2007/04/27 Gusty Gibbon -General Developers

    Gutsy Gibbon open for general development, if anyone wants to start developing with ubuntu I suggest that you read this announcement: With Ubuntu 7.04, previously known as the Feisty Fawn, safely out the door we can now turn our attention to the next release codenamed Gutsy Gibbon. The toolchain is now bootstrapped and we are…

  • 2007/04/26 Feisty Is cool

    I have been using Feisty since Beta. I think that it has been a good choice for me. I would recommend it to anyone that has a newer computer with a graphics card or with out a graphics card.

  • 2007/04/25 Blog

    Its almost a month since I started this blog. Nothing to say today.

  • 2007/04/24 Tuesday: Cisco’s Netacademy with Firefox on Fiesty

    Hello again. I have been having abit more trouble with Feisty. I cannot log into the Cisco Netacademy with Feisty. I have had this trouble since the start of the Feisty Beta and I cannot seem to fix it. if you can help leave your comments in the comment box, please remember this is not…

  • 2007/04/23 Monday: Dv6000ca Wireless Networking with Fiesty

    I have had some troubles with wireless internet when I reinstalled Feisty since it was running so slow. Since then I have only been able to log on to my home wireless network. If you could leave some comments to help me fix this it would be great. Ryan

  • 2007/04/22 Sunday: DO NOT RESTART YOUR ROUTER!

    I have been the Network Technician, Linux Enthusiast, Computer Upgrader, and the only one computer literate in my Family. Plus I am only 16! So it begins: On Saturday the internet is down or is really s l o w …… if you get what i mean. so I was going to browse My other…

  • 2007/04/20 Friday: Feisty Release has been Downloaded!

    the feisty release of both the alternate and the Live cd and both together had only taken >29 minutes to download. if you are wanting the alternate and live cd or one or the other just go here it also has secureable from the founder of Steve Gibson. by the way it also has…