Month: May 2007

  • 2007/05/31 Infrarecorder v.43 Review:

    Well here is another review. This time its on a CD/DVD Recorder and Burner. Pros Nice Sleek Interface. Detects if you can burn DVD Media. lots of Choices. Burns Gparted-.3.4-6.iso in less then 1 M:30 S. Cons None whatsoever. I would give the Infrarecorder v.43 a big: 5 out of 5 for its well done.

  • 2007/05/30 Ubuntu MOTU Q&A

    here is what Daniel Holbach said in the ubuntu mailing list: Today’s Topics: 1. MOTU Q&A sessions (Daniel Holbach) 2. MOTU Mentors list! (Daniel Holbach) ———————————————————————- Message: 1 Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 16:00:39 +0200 From: Daniel Holbach Subject: MOTU Q&A sessions To:,, Message-ID: <1180447239.5853.8.camel@bert> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=”us-ascii” Hello everybody, are you […]

  • 2007/05/29 Sidux 2007-2 Released Today

    here is an excerpt from on the release of Sidux 2007-2 today: The second stable version of sidux, a Debian-based distribution built by some of the former developers of KANOTIX, has been released: “After three months of development, we are proud to announce the immediate availability of sidux 2007-02 for amd64 and i686 systems, […]

  • 2007/05/28 TypeFaster-v.0.4.2.exe Review:

    Well here is a review that I have started typing with a progam that is under the GPL v2 of 1991 and so far I have got a range of very useful typing accuracies such as between 92% and 98%. Here are the pro and cons of TypeFaster v0.4.2: Pros: Simple user interface. make your […]

  • 2007/05/23-27: OSBC article and some……

    Sorry I have had some troubles with my server for the past few days so here is a catch up: Here is what the Open Source vendors said about the Microsoft Patent Issue Part I Linux patents claims a diversion from innovation Microsoft claims dominate Open Source Business Conference By Paul Krill Microsoft’s claim that […]

  • 2007/05/23 MCNLive “Toronto” Released

    Here is an excerpt from Distrowatch on topic of MCNLive “Toronto”‘s Release: A new, enhanced version of MCNLive, a Mandriva-based live CD distribution, has been released: “I am glad to announce MCNLive, code name ‘Toronto’. What’s the difference to ‘Delft’? VirtualBox OSE, KOffice suite, GIMP, gThumb, gxine, gFTP, Bluefish, Quanta, KAudioCreator, Kopete, KDE Bluetooth, a […]

  • 2007/05/22 Mandriva Layoffs

    Here is an excerpt from about the Mandriva Layoffs: We start this week’s news section with information about a new round of layoffs at Mandriva: “Last Thursday, at least four Mandriva employees received the news that their contracts will be stopped next month. All of them are people who are very active in the […]

  • 2007/05/21: PCLinuxOS 2007 Released:

    Here is the release excerpt from on PCLinuxOS 2007: PCLinuxOS 2007 has been released: “Texstar and the Ripper Gang are pleased to announce the final release of PCLinuxOS 2007. Featuring kernel, KDE 3.5.6, 2.2.0, Firefox, Thunderbird 2.0, FrostWire, KTorrent, Amarok, Flash, Java JRE, Beryl 3D and much more. Almost 2 GB […]

  • 2007/05/20 Dell Announces Ubuntu OS Computers

    Here is some news from It looks like Ubuntu will be sold on three Dell systems starting on the 24th of May. We will be launching a Linux based OS (Ubuntu) on the E520, 1505 and XPS 410 starting next Thursday, 5/24. We expect these systems to be less than 1% of our OS […]

  • 2007/05/19 Microsoft Patents knocked around by Linus Tarvald

    in this article on digg which was found on this website Torvalds tells Microsoft to put up or shut up Microsoft may have patent problems of its own, claims Linux kernel creator Iain Thomson, 16 May 2007 Linus Torvalds has hit back at Microsoft’s claims that it holds 42 patents that are infringed by […]