Month: June 2007

  • 2007/06/30: Family Computers’ Been Compromised!

    Well it looks as though something happened to my parents computer! it has adware +(or) BotNets on it. I am going to have to reinstall windows. Luckily for them it will not become a zombie machine as I will be able to wipe the HDD and fully reinstall it. Anyways if you are needing any […]

  • 2007/06/29 Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon Tribe 2 released: Ubuntu release announcement

    Here is the tribe 2 release announcement from the Ubuntu-development-mailing-list. Send ubuntu-devel-announce mailing list submissions to To subscribe or unsubscribe via the World Wide Web, visit or, via email, send a message with subject or body ‘help’ to You can reach the person managing the list at When replying, please edit […]

  • 2007/06/28 Wii has a Hard drive?

    Here is what Nintendo has said about the Wii having a hard drive: With a good portion of Virtual Console users starting to fill up their Wii’s built-in 512MB of Flash memory and even starting to store SD cards full of downloaded VC games, we expected Nintendo to announce a hard drive solution soon. Now, […]

  • 2007/06/27 School Awards Ceremony

    I am getting an award today for something at school, though I do not know what its for…. I hope its for the Networking Class and/or Programming 11 class. I have to say: Good Luck everyone for next year!

  • Ryan Orser

    ryan is as Nice as a Charity. He lives and breathes Technology! Go Linux! <a href=”;add=”><img src=”” alt=”Add to Technorati Favorites” /></a>

  • 2007/06/26 Dell Scraps Dimension Desktops!

    Instead of having Dimension Desktops Dell has come out with Inspiron Desktops which support both AMD and Intel chipsets. They also Made a huge improvement to the Laptop line which Dell has brought back the 1400 line of 14.1 ” notebooks! They have also made 2 new 15.4 ” notebooks the 1520 and the 1521, […]

  • 2007/06/26 Interview with Tom Dryer on virtualization.

    Here is an interview with Tom Dryer who uses an unnamed iming source: RO: So Tom how do you think that Virtualization is the way of the future? TD: Virtualization provides many benefits such as security, and intel and amd virtualization tech provide high performance. RO: How do think that Virtualization could improve? TD: Virtualization […]

  • Special Report: Linux Vs. Microsoft! The battle of the OSes’

    Well there have been a tonne of Microsoft Deals turned down by Linux distributions, for example: Ubuntu, RedHat, and Mandriva. So far there are three distros of linux working with Microsoft: Novell, Xandros, and Linspire. The GPLv3 “Last Call” draft says that only the future deals with patent protection will be banned. special report person […]

  • 2007/06/25 Ubuntu Hug Day Coming:

    This is all from Brian Murray: I’m happy to announce our next Hug Day on Wednesday, June 27th. The theme for the Hug Day will be server bugs. Specifically looking at the packages samba, php5, openssh, mysql, apache2, postfix, and openldap2.3. Joining us will be Soren Hansen and Rick Clark from the Ubuntu Server Team. […]

  • 2007/06/25 Its Here!

    ROTEV7.0 Has just been released! go here to get ROTEV7.0 Linux Binary compliements from Tom Dryer @