Month: February 2008

  • Uninstalling Wubi.

    Ever wonder what would happen if you uninstalled Wubi from you unistallation folder in the control panel? Well here is what happens: First you go to the control panel, click uninstall an application, go down to Wubi. Now double click on Wubi, click off save iso image click next. Now that you have uninstalled Wubi […]

  • European Union Fines Microsoft 1.3 Billion Dollars.

    The European Union is at it again by fining Microsoft $1.3 Billion Dollars for bundling their Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer and other applications together with their newest operating system, Windows Vista. It is said that Microsoft is the first ever company in the EU to ever get fined for non-compliance after an anti-trust lawsuit […]

  • WordPress 2.5

    If you have gone to and have gotten this page empty your cache for your browser and try it again. This release of WordPress, WordPress 2.5, comes out on March 10th, 2008. Since the developers of WordPress decided to stop the development of 2.4, which was scheduled for release in February (comment if I […]

  • The absence of posts:

    I am ill again so there may not be as much posts.

  • How to install Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 5 from inside Windows

    is is a step by step guide. As always I take no responsibility for anything that goes wrong.Step 1: download the ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 5. Step 2: burn iso file to cd as an image. Step 3: put cd back into tray and run umenu.exe. Step 4: click on the button install in windows Step […]

  • How to install Mythbuntu 8.04 Alpha 2!

    This is a step by step walk through. As usual I take no responsibility for your computer, if something happens. Step 1: Load the cd onto your computer. Step 2: Click enter on start and install mythbuntu. Step 3: Click the install icon. Step 4: Click forward. Step 5: Click on your language and click […]

  • The absence of posts:

    As you may know the past few days there has been no posts as I was unfortunately ill.

  • Review of FileZilla 3.0.x

    This is a simple review of Filezilla 3.0.x. This new version of Filezilla, I believe is in beta still. As usual it is easy to use and may give you a bit of problems if you are coming from the version 2.x.x. They have slimmed down the user interface by letting go of the commands, […]

  • Server

    The server is up and running again

  • I will be offline for a while

    As the title says I may be offline for a while working on the server.