Month: June 2008

  • Taking a Holiday

    I will be taking a holiday from June 26th until July 7th 2008. Ryan Orser UPDATE I am back from my holiday and I will start posting again on Monday July 7th.

  • Testing Out Slackware 12.1

    Over the next few weeks I will test out the new Slackware 12.1. I have heard it is very nice and easy to use for the advance users. As I am not an advanced user, I will try to figure it out on my own or if people would like to help just leave a […]

  • ROTE 9.0 Released

    Hot off the presses is the new ROTE (Ryan Orsers’ Text Editor) 9.0. With this new release comes the end of the realbasic programmed releases and on to Python. I will support this program until the date of September 9th 2009. Until then I may produce minor release fixes to this program until the end […]

  • A Review of Banshee 1.0

    What is Banshee? Banshee is a media player that has been revamped to give you more satifaction then before banshee 1.0 came out. This new final version is faster and looks a lot nicer then any other media player that I have seen before even iTunes. iTunes does not even compare to this media player […]

  • A review of Wine-doors

    What is wine-doors? Wine-doors is an application that puts windows software via wine on your system. For example you can install Flash which is the production of the flash images that you can create, Dreamweaver whixh helps you with web development, and ofcourse flashplayer 9. You can also get Firefox 1.5 and 2.0, windows media […]

  • Last Day of School for 2007-2008

    Today is the final day of school for the 2007-2008 year. Today ends all the fun networking, jokes we played on each other (fun or not,) and all the classes that I have been working so hard in. Overall I have done quite well, with finishing the year with 90% in Networking, at least 70% […]

  • A Review of OGG Convert

    Ogg Convert is an easy application to convert your music to ogg vorbis format. I have only tried this application with mp3s and it is actually pretty easy to do. These are the simple steps: Open OGGConvert Click on the source button and a window will pop up. With that pop up window choose the […]

  • A Review of GDesklets

    GDesklets is a cool widget applet that you can have on your desktop. This program comes with: An Analog Clock A Calendar A Puzzle A Quote of the Day These programs are mostly in different categories for example: In Fun and Amusement: A Puzzle In Date/Time: A clock and a Calendar In Uncategorized: Nothing In […]

  • A Review of ATanks (Atomic Tanks)

    This is a different type of war strategy game from any other I have played. I have never been able to direct the tanks gun towards anything before. I started out against Level 1’s but as I started playing this game got even easier so I decided to go up against the best Level 5 […]

  • The iPhone 3G

    Now out with the old iPhone which had stopped selling a few weeks back, and in with the 3G iPhone!. The 8gb iPhone is going to be at $199 USD maximum and will be out on July 11th 2008. As for the 16GB it will be $299 and will be out in the colors white […]