Month: July 2008

  • Civilizations Revolution (Nintendo DS) Review

    Civilizations Revolution is a game from the Sid Meiers Civilization line of products. This time around the games have been released to the game consoles like Nintendo DS, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. There is not a PC version, though I hope that it may come out or have Civilizations 5 come out soon. So […]

  • Sugar CRM Linux Version

    You may ask what is Sugar CRM? Sugar CRM is an opensource business management thing that I have decided to try out. I am using the Community Edition. This is how to install Sugar CRM the version for Linux. Download Sugar CRM zip file to the server where you have your site. Extract the file […]

  • For July 9th 2008

    I am working on a big post for tomorrow. Until I can finish this big thing I will not be posting. Ryan Orser

  • dd-WRT

    So far I have been working on the dd-WRT router. I have been tweaking it over the last couple of days, well since Sunday when I installed it. I may have something new tomorrow or else I will post about configuring the router again. Ryan Orser.

  • Is dd-WRT on your router?

    What is dd-WRT you may ask? dd-WRT is a router operating system. I put the dd-WRT on my dads old Linksys wrt54g version 2. Warning this can turn your router into a brick. So be careful. I found this program from a magazine which I bought on my way to Florida. So the next morning […]