Month: September 2008

  • The New Theme

    The last theme that we had on this site has been taken off the theme register so I decided to get a new theme. As you may have noticed this one is a little nicer then the last one. I have decided to keep using this one as the main theme for as long as […]

  • Review of Wormux 0.8.1

    I wrote not so long ago about Wormux 0.8.0. Now there is Wormux 0.8.1 and it works better with less bugs then before. Since this was only a minor improvement there were no big changes to the game, which I think is fine. Overall there are improvements to the GUI of the game and that […]

  • (4th and final update) SpinRite 6.0 on a school server

    This week we finally pulled the plug on life support for the school server. After going for more then a week and completing only 5% my teacher and I decided to turn off spinrite and get the server put up on another computer. We tried 2 more of the same kind of server and the […]

  • Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha 6 Installed On My Laptop.

    Hello Everyone. Last night I installed Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha 6 on my laptop. I did have a bit ofย  trouble as I tried to install Ubuntu inside of Windows… turns out it doesn’t run very well as I got the busybox command line. So I backed everything up and decided to wipe Windows out and […]

  • Testing Out Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha 6.

    Hello everyone. This week I have taken off Tuesday and will continue to keep on going with Saturdays’ and Sundays’ off. Today I, just before writing this I checked out the poll question that is on the left side of the page (By the way it is up until September 30th, 2008), found out that […]

  • iPod touch application review: Shozu

    Hello and welcome to another week. Today I am going to talk about a cool application for the iPod touch and iPhone. This application is called ShoZu. ShoZu is an application that let’s you post entries onto a variety of sites like Twitter or WordPress. This is a cool application as it works very well […]

  • (3rd Update) SpinRite 6.0 on a School Server

    Well it is not looking so great for that school server these days. ๐Ÿ™ The server now has 4 unrecoverable sectors and will not likely have that hard drive back in it after this has program has been finished. Mind you there are 2 hdd in the server so I have to see if the […]

  • (Update) SpinRite 6.0 on a School Server

    Since yesterday when I started to use spinrite 6.0 on the school server and since then have left it alone for over 20 hours, I have come back this morning to find 2 unrecoverable sections as I would guess you would call them (comment here if you know they are not as my mind is […]

  • SpinRite 6.0 on a School Server

    Today I felt well enough to go back to school. During the previous week I had found that the hard drive on a school learning server was crashing. Today I decided I needed to run SpinRite 6.0 to get this one server back up and running. So far it is still on the first of […]

  • My wisdom teeth

    I am going to get them pulled out today so I may not have a post for tomorrow. It depends on how I am feeling. Ryan Orser