Month: December 2008

  • Want to Tweak Ubuntu?

    If you want to tweak Ubuntu I would suggest that you should try Ubuntu Tweak 0.4.4. It is easy to use with a simple user interface and you can get things done without much hassle. I wanted to change my icon beside the Applications menu so I used Ubuntu Tweak I changed it to a […]

  • How to Setup Thunderbird for your Gmail

    Lots of people need an email client because they like to have their emails on their computer. So what they need is an email client that is nice looking, easy to use and works great. I would say that the one that I would suggest is Mozilla Thunderbird. You can get this from the Ubuntu […]

  • Trevor Linden Night

    From the Canucks to the people who he touched in their lives which may have ended and others who he brought happiness to. I would like to thank Trevor Linden for his hard work in the community and on the ice. Ryan Orser.

  • (UPDATED) Who wants to be a Wizard?

    You can be a Wizard with Compiz Fusion Plugin: Wizard! Wizard is the coolest effect that you can get from the developmental plugins in Compiz Fusion. Here is how to get this cool plugin: 1. You need to have these programs installed and to get them use this command: sudo apt-get install compiz-fusion-bcop compiz-dev compizconfig-settings-manager […]

  • Who Wants a Snow Globe?

    I wrote yesterday about how to get snow falling on your desktop! Best part is I have been running it for over 3 days straight and have had no problems. Today we have something to go along with this wintery theme: A snow globe! Here are the instructions: WARNING!!!! I have to say if you […]

  • Who Wants Snow?

    Want to make your Laptop or Desktop start Snowing? I sure did and I found a way to get it working. I started by searching around the internet figuring that if anything would show up it would be in google. I finally got to a compiz fusion forum which had the necessary mods and versions […]

  • 32000+

    Wow 32000 visits in less than 17 months. Thank you for visiting, Ryan Orser

  • How-To install SongBird 1.0.0

    I reviewed Song Bird 1.0.0 yesterday and now I am thinking why waste another second on how to install SongBird 1.0.0. I find that Song Bird works best with KDE…. I saw that on yesterday when I looked over the contents. So here we go with the easy step by step how-to: Click on […]

  • Song Bird 1.0.0 Review

    This is a great program only made better as it comes to the 1.0 release milestone. I had been using this one since its’ release candidate and it has always worked like a charm. I have had no problems with it and I hope it continues that way. I really like this one program as […]

  • Game Review TrackBalls 1.4.1

    This is a  game where you try to take a ball that is on a ledge from the highest point to the lowest point in a specific time limit. There are different textures as I will write about later in the review and there is a whole lot of falling off the edge to do […]