Month: January 2009

  • For (K)(X)Ubuntu 6.06 Desktop Users

    The first Ubuntu variants that I have used were Xubuntu and then Ubuntu. Though the saddest thing to figure out is that in just over 4 months that the first Ubuntu I had ever used is being discontinued… for Desktop Users… Yes only 126 Days left before its dimise into the world of nothingness. I […]

  • 3 Finals in 3 Days

    Well I guess I could have said 2 Finals in 3 days but that wouldn’t really cover what is actually going on. Today I have the first half of my Math 11 Final. Tomorrow the Second Half. So since I am on a roll of Finals I chose to write my CCNA 4 Final on […]

  • Review of XScorch.

    XScorch is a game which you are supposed to destroy the other tanks using weapons which of course you have to pay for.  I set the game up so that the computers and myself get the most money possible and the highest interest rate. All that stuff is in the settings on the main menu […]

  • Evolution: Back Up And Running!

    Well the Ubuntu Developers have been back at it. I mean with Evolution that is. As you may know Evolution is an email client that comes with Ubuntus’ GNOME Desktop as worked great until a couple of months ago.  I had been trying to write a review of Evolution but there was one little flaw… […]

  • Windows 7 Anti-Competitive in Nature?

    I installed Windows 7 Beta 1 on a computer that was around the house.  The fastest install (with ONLY 3 reboots) I have ever seen when installing Windows, Ever! That only takes me about 30 minutes into this wild goose chase. During the install of Windows 7 I had my wifi usb adapter plugged in. […]

  • Windows 7 Beta 1

    Well I do know that Windows 7 Beta 1 is out. I have been downloading it for a while. Though there are only going to be 2.5 million copies distributed legally so if you aren’t one of the 2.5 million you know where to go. Ryan Orser.

  • A Trio of Linux Commands:

    I have been using the CLi a bit more these days. So I decided to clean up my home folder which is where I save a lot of work and other things like Linux Distros. So I used a trio of commands to sort it out. rm: The rm command removes files from almost any […]

  • How To Find your Kernel Version In Ubuntu 8.10

    I have tried to figure out which version of the Linux Kernel I have on my laptop for a couple of weeks. Today I finally figured it out. There are only a few steps to this How-To. Open Terminal: Applications->Accessories->Terminal, or, ALT F2->gnome-terminal Type in this simple command: uname -a And there is your kernel […]

  • Review of Circus Linux

    Well, I am back from holidays and I wanted to get a game review in. The game I have decided to review is called Circus Linux. I have only tried the 1 player challenge. I found it really hard which makes it was not very fun to play. I will try to get someone else […]

  • IIHF Junior Championships

    Canada has just won 5 straight IIHF Junior Championships. Good Job Canada.