Month: March 2009

  • A total of 731 Days:

    My first ever blog post was 731 days ago. Not only that I had put together a server that would most likely last for a long long time… which it almost did. 3 servers later and the one that I have now is a great one to boot has lasted over a year. That is […]

  • Ubuntu 9.04:

    With less then a month away and most likely the beta coming today… at press time there has been no release… There is only 28 days until the big release. Most of the iso images have been checked for the builds that are on them. The only ones I have seen that have problems are: […]

  • Vote for your favorite Apps!

    Rules for this Poll: You CAN choose UP TO 5 options per vote. There is to be 1 vote per Global IP. Min. # of votes: 4 to have the application reviewed. Max. # inifinite The top 3 applications will be reviewed on these terms: That the application has an equal or greater number of […]

  • Hello 40K

    Tonight between the time of 8:00 -8:59:59 PM The 40,000th visitor visited. Thanks for reading and continuing to visit! Ryan Orser!

  • Review of Linux Mint 6

    Hello Everyone! Today I am reviewing Linux Mint 6 Code named Felica. The country that this distribution came from is Ireland. I have been keeping an eye on this distro as I believe that this one can start innovating rather then just use what Ubuntu has for its OS. So far the developers have now […]

  • GOS 3.1 Review!

    Hello Everyone! This time around I chose to install the OS in the VM as I thought I have all weekend to work on it. So as you already know Linux Mint will not be reviewed this weekend and has been postponed to the next weekend where I can have all the time in the […]