Month: May 2009

  • What Linux Distros do you want me to review?

    The more people who want a certain distro will get their distro of choice reviewed. All you have to do is leave a comment and write which distro you want reviewed. Rules: One vote per IP No Spam. No Microsoft Products.


    Hey Happy BIRTHDAY Dad. Have a nice day at work. Ryan.

  • Graduation Day!

    As I write this now I have graduated. Yesterday was the graduation and I had a great time. Pictures to come sometime in the next couple of days. Ryan Orser.

  • The Review of the Poll

    The Poll was: How do you like Ubuntu after a week Totals were: [poll id=”3″] I want to hear why you chose on the poll and why. This is for your opinion only. Ryan Orser.

  • Happy Mothers Day MOM!

    Yes it is Mothers Day and I thank you very much for being my Mom. Ryan Orser.

  • GIMP Review:

    The version of GIMP reviewed is 2.6.6. Website: GIMP is a great image manipulation program which runs very well and I have not had any troubles working or saving images which was the case in InkScape. Gimp hasĀ  a great interface, runs smoothly, saves quickly, and has a nicer interface then most of image […]