Month: July 2009

  • OpenSuSE 11.2 M4 released.

    OpenSuSE 11.2 M4 was released to the public on Monday (July 27th) morning. This is the forth milestone of 8 milestones, 2 Release Candidates and the Final Release. Thu, Apr 23 openSUSE 11.2 Milestone 1 release Thu, May 28 openSUSE 11.2 Milestone 2 release Tue, Jun 30 openSUSE 11.2 Milestone 3 release Fri, Jul 24 […]

  • Review: Linux Mint 7

    Linux Mint 7 is a distribution based off of Ubuntu. For those people who do not know where Linux Mint has been developed in Ireland. Mint is a w0nderful distribution to use. Mint is very easy to use and I had no problem using it.Mints signature color is green… like mint leaves. The 7th release […]

  • 45K+ Visitors

    Sometime between 3 – 4 AM the 45000th visitor came. Thanks for you continuation of reading Ryan Orser’s Blog. Ryan Orser

  • Coming in the next few days:

    In the next few days there will be a couple of posts: Review of Linux Mint 7 and something else sometime later this week also. Ryan Orser.

  • Review: Ubuntu 8.04.3

    I have installed Ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS in a virtual machine. The specs of the virtual machine are the same as they always are: 512 mb of RAM 8 GB Hard Drive When I installed the OS it was a no brainer as it was so easy. I tend to forget how easy it is to […]

  • Ubuntu 8.04.3

    Today Canonical Released Ubuntu 8.04.3 (The 3rd update for Ubuntu Hardy Heron Long Term Support released in April of 2008.) In the release announcement Canonical released 80 updates to the OS: Bugs in the Installation of Ubuntu (Now Fixed) Security Fixes with the means of continuing stability and compatibility. For the full list of security […]

  • The Witless Wireless

    The wireless adapter I have is a Belkin F5D8053 wireless adapter that when used on MS Windows takes a lot of time to find the driver and then another few minutes of getting it working after a lengthy installation. I had put this adapter in the computer a long time ago (at least a month […]

  • The Rebuild Test.

    Karmic Koala is getting a rebuild test today since the Debian Import was last week. When I was running Koala it was definitely buggy as it was a prebeta OS. That said Jaunty was just about the same way for when I used it. Here are the things that did not work in either 9.04 […]

  • MONO not leaving Ubuntu.

    In an announcement in the Ubuntu devel announce digest Mono will not leave Ubuntu. Mono has patent issues with theĀ  original developer. ( Not sure why or what will come with it.) Ubuntu has put Mono developed applications in their OS before. The Ubuntu Technical Board has written this statement: The Ubuntu Technical Board has […]