Month: October 2009

  • 49K+

    Its been less then a month since I last posted about the number of visits! Now at more then 49K, 50K does not look that far away. Thanks for the continuation of reading the posts. Ryan Orser

  • Ubuntu 9.10 Is Here

    To Download go to I will be downloading it soon and reviewing later.

  • Windows 7 Unboxing

    Just for the fun of it I decided to get the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade for my sister who likes windows 7. I then decided to create a video of the unboxing. [rhino200717]z2LUoHD-Zhw[/rhino200717]

  • Ubuntu 9.10 RC Released

    Less then a week to go until Ubuntu 9.10 Final comes out. Lets hope this version is better then 9.04 which has been tougher to work with then most of the versions of Ubuntu that I have worked with. Have a great day, Ryan Orser.

  • 48K+ Visits All Time

    At 2:00 AM PDT the 48000th visitor came. It could be 1 of 6 visitors that came at that hour. Thanks to everyone who comes to read . This is a big help towards 50K which is my goal for the end of December. Ryan Orser.

  • Karmic Koala (Beta) with ATI Radeon HD3650

    I have noticed that people are searching for Karmic Koala and the video card ATI Radeon HD3650. As a user of both (the os and the card) I can say that they work great. The only problem with mine was that when I installed the driver The screen resolution was too big for my screen […]