Month: December 2009

  • Merry Christmas

    Have a nice Christmas and A happy New Year from Ryan Orser and Ryan Orser.

  • Ubuntu 10.04 with ATI Radeon HD3650

    As I have pointed out in an earlier post titled: Ubuntu 9.10 works with ATI Radeon HD3650. I have tested the new Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 1 with the drivers for the ATI Radeon HD3650 and it doesn’t work but that is not a surprise as it is an Alpha. There should be more coming out…

  • How to Upgrade Ubuntu 9.10 to Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 1

    This is a step by step guide for upgrading to the new Alpha 1 of Ubuntu 10.04. Read the disclaimer before following this guide. I am using virtualbox for this. You need the following: Ubnuntu 9.10 installed An internet connection DO NOT INSTALL ON A PRODUCTION MACHINE! THIS IS NOT A STABLE RELEASE! Here are…