Month: March 2010

  • 55K+

    Wow 55000 people have visited this blog. Thanks for visiting. The more people I have coming to read what I have written makes me want to post more about Linux. Ryan Orser.

  • A Total of 1096 Days

    It has been a total of 1096 days or 3 years since this blog started. Thank you everyone for reading.

  • Gwibber: The Social Broadcast Message Application

    Gwibber is a Social Media application which will download your tweets, flickr photos, Face Book and other Social Media sites. For Face Book you will need to authorize your Face Book account so that Gwibber will be able to post your Face Book comments onto your wall. For Twitter all you need to do is […]

  • Fedora 12 Review

    In the installation I used Virtualbox 3.1.4 with the specs of 512mb of RAM, 8 mb of video memory and a dynamically expanding 8.00 GB hard drive. Fedora 12 was the fastest install of Linux that I have ever seen. The speed of the OS is very fast as well. Some of the applications include: […]