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  • 2007/08/04 Its My Birthday

    Yah I am 17 that is all I can talk about today as I will be offline for the next 2 – 2 1/2 weeks. though there will still be posts on weekdays. Hopefully Tom will Post somethings also when I am away.

  • 2007/07/28 Dell to offer more Linux PC’s

    Here is an article on Slashdot:  “According to this article, Mark Shuttleworth from the Ubuntu camp says Dell is seeing a demand for the Linux-based PC and, “There are additional offerings in the pipeline.” I’m starting to see flashbacks of the days when Microsoft partnered up with IBM to gain control of the desktop market. […]

  • 2007/07/27 Slashdot: A historical Look at the First Linux Kernel

    This is a article on slashdot taking a look at the historical Linux Kerel 0.01: LinuxFan writes “KernelTrap has a fascinating article about the first Linux kernel, version 0.01, complete with source code and photos of Linus Torvalds as a young man attending the University of Helsinki. Torvalds originally planned to call the kernel “Freax,” […]

  • 2007/07/26 Slashdot: Dell is asking for Better ATI drivers on Linux!

    Now here is a story with a better voice for the greater good of Linux: Open Source IT writes “According to a presentation at Ubuntu Live 2007, Dell is working on getting better ATI drivers for Linux for use in its Linux offerings. While it is not known whether the end product will end up […]

  • 2007/07/25 Virtual Containerization

    Here is a story from Virtual Containerization AlexGr alerts us to a piece by Jeff Gould up on Interop News. Quoting: “It’s becoming increasingly clear that the most important use of virtualization is not to consolidate hardware boxes but to protect applications from the vagaries of the operating environments they run on. It’s all […]

  • 2007/07/24 Slashdot: Are Cheap Laptops a Roadblock for Moore’s Law?

    here is an interesting story: Are Cheap Laptops a Roadblock for Moore’s Law? Is it that $100 Laptop is trying to kill what Moore said that consumers should be lusting the faster, more expensive hardware and that they (the consumer) should buy the most expensive hardware for laptops so that they will never have the […]

  • 2007/07/23 SSH Tricks

    Here is some cool tricks for SSH! This would be great for all the people who use SSH on their computers and their servers. It looks alright though I am hoping that it could help more people then what I have been getting viewing my Blog. Here is an excerpt from : SSH (secure […]

  • 2007/07/21 Ubuntu Developement announcement

    Today I have decided that I would talk about something else other then How to install Applications. Todays post will be about Ubuntu and Launch Pad Send ubuntu-devel-announce mailing list submissions to To subscribe or unsubscribe via the World Wide Web, visit or, via email, send a message with subject or body ‘help’ […]

  • 2007/07/20 How to install azureus with Yum

    Here we are again with a installation with yum. first of all you need to have yum. second of all you need to open terminal thirdly type in ‘su’ into the terminal Fourth type in your password fifth type in ‘yum install azureus’ sixth type ‘Y’ when the terminal asks you if you still want […]

  • 2007/07/19 How to install Thunderbird in Command line with yum

    Well here we are again with another Fedora 7 CLi (command line) installation of a executable. First of all you need a linux client that supports YUM (ie Redhat, Fedora) 1) open terminal 2) type ‘su’ 3) type your password 4) type ‘yum install thunderbird’ 5) when terminal asks you if its ok to download […]