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  • Review of Fedora 8!

    UPDATE(November15th2007): in this article I am not saying that yum is out of date only the gui for the package manager. Here is a review of Fedora 8 code named ‘Werewolf ‘! I downloaded the DVD version of Fedora 8. In this guide I will give tips about the installation, customization, and for you that […]

  • CentOS 5.0 Review:

    CentOS 5.0 Review First off, this review isn’t the easiest to do since I have tried so many other distributions before this one: Vector, Xubuntu 6.06 – 6.06.1, Ubuntu 6.06 – 7.10, Fedora 7, OpenSuSE 10.1 – 10.3, and now CentOS. Which if you count all of them up they add up to eleven! Though […]

  • 2007/07/25 Virtual Containerization

    Here is a story from Virtual Containerization AlexGr alerts us to a piece by Jeff Gould up on Interop News. Quoting: “It’s becoming increasingly clear that the most important use of virtualization is not to consolidate hardware boxes but to protect applications from the vagaries of the operating environments they run on. It’s all […]

  • 2007/07/20 How to install azureus with Yum

    Here we are again with a installation with yum. first of all you need to have yum. second of all you need to open terminal thirdly type in ‘su’ into the terminal Fourth type in your password fifth type in ‘yum install azureus’ sixth type ‘Y’ when the terminal asks you if you still want […]

  • 2007/07/19 How to install Thunderbird in Command line with yum

    Well here we are again with another Fedora 7 CLi (command line) installation of a executable. First of all you need a linux client that supports YUM (ie Redhat, Fedora) 1) open terminal 2) type ‘su’ 3) type your password 4) type ‘yum install thunderbird’ 5) when terminal asks you if its ok to download […]

  • 2007/07/18 How to install Synaptic Package Manager with Yum

    Here is how to install Synaptic Package Manger in yum 1) You need a linux distro that has yum 2) You need to have a window manager 3) open terminal 4) type su (superuser) 5) Type your password 6) Type yum install synaptic 7) wait for the packages to be installed 8) Type the command […]

  • 2007/07/13 How to get MP3 Support in Rhythm Box!

    1) You need RhythmBox Music Player. (If you do not have it you will have to get it from your package manager (ie in ubuntu its synaptic in Kubuntu its Adept and in Fedora its Add/Remove Packages)) 2) You need to go into your package manager and search for ‘GStreamer’. 3) Download all the GStreamer […]

  • 2007/07/12 Its BERYL Time!

    I just started using beryl 2.1.1 which is great. When I last had it on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04 latest one at the time of writing) I could not see the themes!!!! Now using Fedora 7 I have been able to get the themes and all the desktop effects! its so Awsome! Here is […]

  • 2007/07/11 Ryan Orsers’ Laptop New Operating System

    I have just moved (on my laptop) from Windows Vista to Fedora 7. There was a lot of test trials on my laptop including but not limited to Mandriva (Formally called Mandrake) and PCLinuxOS. Yesterday I put Fedora 7 on my Laptop as I was looking for some Operating System to boot…. Vista would not. […]