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  • Another Job!

    I start working as an Help Desk Technician on August 20th for the Surrey School District. That would make it 14 Months and 5 Days after getting out of BCIT. Ryan Orser.

  • Windows 8 Installing Legacy Apps

    I have heard a rumour that you cannot install legacy applications without going through the app store in Windows 8. So I decided to try and install Microsoft Office 2007 on my test machine. I knew that I would have to install .NET Framework 3.5 as it is a prerequisite. I decided to see if […]

  • Xbox Live Games App (Windows 8)

    I have been looking through the Xbox Live Games App that comes with Windows 8 for a few days to see what I thought about it. The layout looks nice. The option to look through games that you can buy on the xbox is an okay feature. I clicked on a game in Game Activity […]

  • First Impressions of Windows 8 Release Preview

    I have played around with Windows 8 Release Preview for a few days now. I thought I would share some thoughts on how it works plus some pros and cons. Pros: Runs smoothly on vmware workstation with 1GB of ram. Installation was easy to use. Easier to install than Windows 7. Hasn’t crashed on me […]

  • My New Certifications

    In september I wrote my A+ exams and am now A+ certified. Yesterday I wrote my MCITP: Windows 7, Enterprise Administrator and am now an MCITP. I am trying to figure out which certification to write next: Network + or 70-640 MCTS: active directory for windows server 2008.

  • Forza Motorsports 3

    I have been playing Forza Motorsports 3 since I bought it last August.  It is a great game and well worth the $44 I bought it used. The cars are really nice … mostly. The cars I drive in most are the Ferrari. I have the highest level which is level 50. I have 45 […]

  • XBOX 360 Game Review: Harry Potter 7 Part 1: Kinect multiplayer

    I have been playing Harry Potter and the deathly hallows Part 1. I have been playing the single player mode. I have been stuck at a part of the game but I think I have figured it out. I have started to start playing multiplayer with the kinect. The game with Kinect is quite different […]

  • Windows 7 Unboxing

    Just for the fun of it I decided to get the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade for my sister who likes windows 7. I then decided to create a video of the unboxing. [rhino200717]z2LUoHD-Zhw[/rhino200717]

  • Windows 7 Pre-Beta

    I have found the pre-beta of Windows 7 on the net. So I downloaded it and installed it in a virtual machine. I have had a few problems: Internet drivers do not work! The new theme they showed off at PDC is not on the build as now you need a hack to get it […]

  • IE8 with Google Toolbar: Problems?

    I have had this one trouble with the new IE8 beta with the Google Toolbar. The Google toolbar would crash IE8 which would restart the browser and then would happen again in a continuous loop. The only way to fix this problem is to turn off the Google Toolbar via Tools>Toolbars>Google Toolbar. This gets rather […]