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  • Windows 8 Installing Legacy Apps

    I have heard a rumour that you cannot install legacy applications without going through the app store in Windows 8. So I decided to try and install Microsoft Office 2007 on my test machine. I knew that I would have to install .NET Framework 3.5 as it is a prerequisite. I decided to see if […]

  • Xbox Live Games App (Windows 8)

    I have been looking through the Xbox Live Games App that comes with Windows 8 for a few days to see what I thought about it. The layout looks nice. The option to look through games that you can buy on the xbox is an okay feature. I clicked on a game in Game Activity […]

  • First Impressions of Windows 8 Release Preview

    I have played around with Windows 8 Release Preview for a few days now. I thought I would share some thoughts on how it works plus some pros and cons. Pros: Runs smoothly on vmware workstation with 1GB of ram. Installation was easy to use. Easier to install than Windows 7. Hasn’t crashed on me […]