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  • Protected: 2007/05/16 Secret Password Post #3: Sad 🙁 News!

    here is an excerpt from distrowatch Weekly about Fedora Core 7: Fedora 7 Josh Boyer has announced a slight delay in the development of Fedora 7. Originally scheduled for May 24th, it will now be made available a week later, at the earliest: “We do not have a rawhide repository available as of yet, and […]

  • Protected: 2007/05/15 Secret Password Post #2: Giant News!

    Well round 2 of the Secret Password Post: I hope you still can use that Leet-Key Extension for this since the next few posts will be Secret Password Post 3,4,5, and 6. This is Big news from and some important news: Let’s start the news section with an interesting post published on several Fedora […]

  • Protected: 2007/05/11 Secret Password Post

    if you can read this. that is good. since you probably had to use a text transformer like leet key extention for your FireFox. anyway Todays Post is going to talk about the Release Date of Fedora Core 7. IT has been decided that on May 31st of 2007, the Redhat underling has now been […]