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  • 2007/09/02 Will the Pope Declare Google Evil?

    Here is an interesting story from slashdot: Will the Pope Declare Google Evil? Posted by kdawson on Sunday September 02, @01:52PM from the and-all-you-others-too dept. theodp writes “In the next few days, Pope Benedict XVI plans to issue his second encyclical, in which he is expected to denounce the use of tax havens as socially […]

  • 2007/08/03 Sun To Release 8-Core Niagara 2 Processor

    Here is a good story from Slashdot:   An anonymous reader writes “Sun Microsystems is set to announce its eight-core Niagara 2 processor next week. Each core supports eight threads, so the chip handles 64 simultaneous threads, making it the centerpiece of Sun’s “Throughput Computing” effort. Along with having more cores than the quads from […]