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  • 2007/07/11 Ryan Orsers’ Laptop New Operating System

    I have just moved (on my laptop) from Windows Vista to Fedora 7. There was a lot of test trials on my laptop including but not limited to Mandriva (Formally called Mandrake) and PCLinuxOS. Yesterday I put Fedora 7 on my Laptop as I was looking for some Operating System to boot…. Vista would not. […]

  • 2007/07/08 Welcome home Tom!

    Hello and welcome baCk Tom! I hope you had a good Vacation! to find the password for today look for thE unusual spellings… reorganize them To get the passwORd.

  • 2007/04/22 Sunday: DO NOT RESTART YOUR ROUTER!

    I have been the Network Technician, Linux Enthusiast, Computer Upgrader, and the only one computer literate in my Family. Plus I am only 16! So it begins: On Saturday the internet is down or is really s l o w …… if you get what i mean. so I was going to browse My other […]

  • 2007/04/08 Sunday: dv6000ca + Feisty Fawn = Installed

    I now dual boot: Feisty Fawn and unfortunately windows 🙁 I know that Tom who wrote yesterdays blog would like to say that Tomorrow we will get either compiz or wireless internet working… I have just installed the OS today. that is all.

  • 2007/04/07 Saturday: Dv6000ca Works with Fiesty

    The HP Pavillion DV6000CA is a very Linux un-friendly laptop. It took me week to get it to even boot Ubuntu. But it is possible! Simply add these boot perameters: noapic pci=routeirq Next up is trying to get wireless and Compiz working, reports on these coming later. Post written by Tom.