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  • 2007/04/23 Monday: Dv6000ca Wireless Networking with Fiesty

    I have had some troubles with wireless internet when I reinstalled Feisty since it was running so slow. Since then I have only been able to log on to my home wireless network. If you could leave some comments to help me fix this it would be great. Ryan

  • 2007/04/18 Tuesday 2nd Post: Tux 500

    well look at this: Tux is going to race in the Indianapolis 500: Goal: *to raise 350K in 40 days to support the Sponsorship. right now the sponsored car has after 8 days raised $5,660.94 that is ~1.61% Go Linux! for details go here.

  • 2007/04/02 Monday

    well what do we have here? Another Blog Post? I must be on a roll! well lets see what I have for you today? Its about Civilization IV, and a new Expansion. you can go to the announcement on arstechnica well for now lets look on to see what the future may hold for Civilizations!

  • 2007/04/01 Sunday

    How to get VNC in Command Line (cli): this is a forum of VNC Post

  • 2007/03/31 Saturday

    well I have just found one of the best blogs of this year…. it is from linux journal. It is call: Dear Microsoft, Sue This, Please I thought it was a great blog for Linux Users. : )

  • 2007/03/30 Friday Post

    Well what do you know another post? Yes infact there is now another post. I have decided that since there is not much to talk about that I would say ‘happy second day of