2007/04/27 Gusty Gibbon -General Developers

Gutsy Gibbon open for general development, if anyone wants to start developing with ubuntu I suggest that you read this announcement:

With Ubuntu 7.04, previously known as the Feisty Fawn, safely out the
door we can now turn our attention to the next release codenamed Gutsy
Gibbon. The toolchain is now bootstrapped and we are ready for
general development.

We are in the first and crazy phase of the development cycle where the
goal is to get everything synced up with newer versions, both from
upstream and from Debian, so ladies and gentlemen: upload away.

For Gutsy, the general theme is Quality and Improvement. This means,
we are not so much looking for new and experimental features, but
rather in stabilising and polishing off our current set of features.

The next Ubuntu Developer Summit is quickly approaching and will this
time be held in Sevilla, Spain from May 6th to May 11th. We are
trying yet another way to schedule BOFs by having a core schedule
which is done by hand and auto-scheduling all the smaller spin-off
ideas that everybody get during the summit. This should help us get
through both the big and important discussions as well making sure
smaller topics get covered.

[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyReleaseSchedule

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