2007/05/29 Sidux 2007-2 Released Today

here is an excerpt from distrowatch.com on the release of Sidux 2007-2 today:

The second stable version of sidux, a Debian-based distribution built by some of the former developers of KANOTIX, has been released: “After three months of development, we are proud to announce the immediate availability of sidux 2007-02 for amd64 and i686 systems, shipping in a 425 MB lite KDE and a 690 MB full KDE flavor. Our second official sidux release has concentrated on overhauling the early boot sequence and adapting to a wider variety of desktop environments and window managers. While this release only ships in two KDE flavors (lite and full) again, we’re looking for interested maintainers contributing to special purpose releases or tweaking support for other desktop environments and window managers.” Read the rest of the release notes for additional information. Download from here: sidux-2007-02…full.iso (679MB, MD5), sidux64-2007-02…full.iso (696MB, MD5).

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