2007/06/26 Interview with Tom Dryer on virtualization.

Here is an interview with Tom Dryer who uses an unnamed iming source:

RO: So Tom how do you think that Virtualization is the way of the future?
TD: Virtualization provides many benefits such as security, and intel and amd virtualization tech provide high performance.

RO: How do think that Virtualization could improve?
TD: Virtualization could improve with more memory for virtual machines, kernel level virtualization in linux (KVM), and more processing cores.

RO: Do you like Virtualization as it is now?
TD: I think virtualization is new a fairly new technology that will just get better all the time, although it is very useful now it will get much better.

RO: Anything else you want to say about virtualization?
TD: Everyone should use virtualbox instead of vmware. it is open source plus it is better than the free vmware player that you can download from http://vmware.com

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