2007/09/07 Server Benchmarking Lone Wolf Bites Intel Again

Here is another thing thats biting Intel in the butt again:

Hardware: Server Benchmarking Lone Wolf Bites Intel Again

Posted by ScuttleMonkey on Friday September 07, @02:53PM
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Ian Lamont writes “Neal Nelson, the engineer who conducts independent server benchmarking, has nipped Intel again by reporting that AMD’s Opteron chips ‘delivered better power efficiency‘ than Xeon processors. Intel has discounted the findings, claiming that Nelson’s methodology ‘ignores performance,’ but the company may not be able to ignore Nelson for much longer: the Standard Performance Evaluation Corp., a nonprofit company that develops computing benchmarks, is expected to publish a new test suite for comparing server efficiency that Nelson believes will be similar to his own benchmarks that measure server power usage directly from the wall plug.”

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