2007/09/10 IT: Ophcrack Says Your Password Is Insecure

Here is a story that will change the way you use your computer:

IT: Ophcrack Says Your Password Is Insecure

Posted by CmdrTaco on Monday September 10, @11:42AM
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javipas writes “An insightful article at Jeff Atwood’s Coding Horror reveals the power inside Ophcrack, an Open Source program that is capable of discovering virtually any password in Windows operating systems. The article explains how passwords get stored on Windows using hash functions, and how Ophcrack can generate immense tables of words and letter combinations that are compared to the password we want to obtain. The program is available in Windows, Mac OS and Linux, but be careful: the generated tables that Ophcrack uses are really big, and you should allow up to 15 Gbytes to store these tables.”


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  1. Tom Dryer Says:

    Passwords are practically useless. Full disk encryption is the only way to keep people out.

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