2007/10/02 EBay Admits to Bad Call on Skype

Wow what is this all about?(from slashdot.org)

EBay Admits to Bad Call on Skype

Posted by Zonk on Tuesday October 02, @11:24AM
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MaineCoasts writes “The Times online reports that two years after buying Skype 2.6 billion, Ebay yesterday warned shareholders that they may have made a mistake. In essence, they vastly overpaid for the company. ZDNet offers analysis of the announcement: ‘Clearly, the current business model is not enough to satisfy eBay in light of how much the company spent on Skype. And the reason is simple. Even though Skype has done a very good job of getting users to download its software client, most people who use the service do so to make free Skype-to-Skype phone calls. The only way that Skype makes money from its subscribers is when people use its Skype-In or Skype-Out services. Skype-In allows users to pay to rent a phone number, which people on regular phones can call. Skype-Out allows users to call traditional phones or cell phones for a fee.'”


Maybe that was not a good investment


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