Google Summer of Code Extends to Highschoolers

If only they did that for last year then I could have been working on the Google Summer of Code. Anyways its too late now for that to happen for me since i am in Grade 12. Here is the story from :

Google Summer of Code Extends to Highschoolers

Posted by CmdrTaco on Wednesday November 28, @11:00AM
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phobonetik writes “Building on three successful years of engaging University students with over one hundred open source projects, the Google Summer of Code program is being complemented with the Google Highly Open Participation Contest, launched today. Running initially as a pilot involving 10 open source projects, the contest is open to any student enrolled in highschool education. Students choose from a list of several hundred predetermined tasks that improve the open source project, and get paid small sums for their successful completion. At the end of the contest (4th Feb 2008), each of the ten open source projects nominate their best contributor, who wins a grand prize.” I wish there would have been something like this when I was in high school… I wonder how great my BBS door games would have been if there was a chance of getting cash and trips.


Maybe its not too late after all! 😀


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