Ubuntu: Disable the System Beep

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 Here is how to disable the system beep in Ubuntu:

Step 1: Open terminal

Step 2: copy and paste this command: sudo rmmod pcspkr
Step 3: To regain the System Beep type in this command: sudo modprobe pcspk

There you go an easy step by step way of turning off terminal beep!

Please let me know if this works on all the Ubuntu derivatives.

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  1. Tom Dryer Says:

    Hey Ryan,
    This will work in almost any Linux distribution, but the beep will return if you reboot the system. A better way is to edit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist and add “blacklist pcspkr” to the file.

    If you want to disable it temporarily, it’s better to use “modprobe -r” than “rmmod” which is deprecated.

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