How to use Filezilla as an SFTP Client

This is a simple step by step walk through. As usual I take no responsibility for anything that might go wrong.

First you need Filezilla (if you do have FileZilla then your off to a good start): sudo apt-get install filezilla

Second, you need to start filezilla.

Third, click the button on the toolbar underneath the File menu.

Fourth, Click on the button ‘New Site’

Fifth,  Type in the host, the port, and click on the drop down box and click on SFT, change the logontype to ‘normal’, type in your username, and password.

Sixth, click ‘ok’

Seventh, Click the button on the toolbar undeneath ‘File’ again.

Eighth, Click on your site, then click connect.

Ninth, your done!

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