Ryan Orsers’ Review of Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04)

So far I have used the beta of Hardy Heron or a.k.a Ubuntu 8.04 for over a week and a half. Now that I have worked with it for an extended period of time, I will be able to review its pros and cons.

The Pros of Hardy Heron Beta:

The Pros outweigh the cons for this beta, which is very good of course.

The HAL-Daemon, does not bother my computer as it used to in Gutsy Gibbon (ubuntu 7.10) which means that the computer doesn’t slow down to a crawl, then start not responding.

The user interface looks great. Great work Developers!

The new bittorrent client, Transmission, is superb (plus I really think that the Deluge Bittorrent client would have worked as well.)

The machine somehow got faster when I installed Ubuntu Hardy Heron. (remember I have used almost all Ubuntu versions except versions 4.10 – 5.10 and the ones I have used before we almost as slow as Windows. Although that happened, I am glad to have something a lot faster than Windows again. Thank you Ubuntu.!

The Cons of Hardy Heron Beta:

Well the con list is very small, in fact there is only 1 con that I can think of.

That con is when my screen saver comes on, I just cannot get back to a GUI or a terminal. I always have to use ctrl+fn+alt+sysrq+R+E+I+S+U+B.
Thats all of the review that I have for people on the Hardy Heron Beta Review.

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