(Update) SpinRite 6.0 on a School Server

Since yesterday when I started to use spinrite 6.0 on the school server and since then have left it alone for over 20 hours, I have come back this morning to find 2 unrecoverable sections as I would guess you would call them (comment here if you know they are not as my mind is not fully recovered from surgery) and this is really unfortunate as there could be something really needed there and the worst part is it has only completed 3.10% while the rest will be worked on for who knows how long. I guess this server is in a state of disrepair. I wonder if I caught it earlier that the drive may have a bit more of a recoverable rate. Since I do not know this I will keep checking up on it during the day… at least until 3 PM and then come back in tomorrow. The thing that really worries me is that we have a Pro-D-Day on Friday so I will not be able to check it after Thursday until Monday morning. Hopefully they will not turn off the power.

More updates as they come along,
Ryan Orser.

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